Our 'data mining' tools have been made available throughout the OpsBase web app to help you find the information you want whatever screen you're on.

The most important thing to remember is:

  • The left-hand control is used to search and filter to narrow the data down to only that which you're interested in.

  • The right-hand control determines the display of those results by grouping them.

When you add a filter criteria, the logic is applied like this...

(Site A OR Site B) AND (Status is New OR Status is In Progress)

...which means:

  • As you add more criteria for the same entity e.g. Site, you'll receive more results.
    This is because you'll now anything matching Site A OR Site B.

  • When you add criteria for another entity e.g. Status, you'll receive less results.
    This is because the results must now match either of the Sites AND the Status.

When you apply multiple Group By criteria the first one you select will be the main one by which the data is organised and as you expand each section you will also be able to see it organised by the second criteria.

You can see below an example of the Operations List grouped by Team + Enabled.

The Filter and Group By options are available across many of our OpsBase tabs and according to what data you are looking at (Operations/Issues etc...) you will have different filters and group by options to select.

You may also like to read our article on how to review responses to individual ops and how to report/export data on multiple ops.

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