Sometimes it is useful to find out what version of the app you have installed. You'll always want the newest version to benefit from the latest features and fixes.

There are two numbers that are important:

  • Build Number

  • Code-Push Number

Finding each of these is detailed below...

Build Number

The build number can be found in two places.

  1. The login screen

  2. The Profile screen (under the Profile menu on the bottom right)

Code-Push Number

To check you have the latest code-push:

  • Click the Profile button on the bottom right, then click the Preferences menu option.

Use the Get Status and the Sync buttons to check for updates and ensure that you're using the latest version (the Running and Found numbers should match).

The app will ordinarily update automatically with small code updates. When this happens you'll see the loading screen for a couple of seconds whilst the app refreshes.

These buttons just provide a way to manually check the version number in case the code-push didn't apply automatically.

It is also worth ensuring that auto-updates are turned on for the App Store / Google Play for occasions when we perform a bigger release. 📱

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