This article will show how to view in the WebApp the Issues raised in your Organisation and how Admins can manage them. All the Issues created in your Org can be viewed by navigating to Analytics > Issues.

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Admin users can raise Issues directly from the Analytics page by clicking on the + button at the bottom of the page.

How to use Filters

The search function at the top left will allow you to add filters to narrow down your search. By applying multiple filtering criteria, you can refine the search and look at the Issues more relevant to you at any given time.

You can also combine your search with the Group By tool, to more adequately display your results.

Issues viewer

The Issue viewer window displays the following information:

  • Issue title - Amendable if necessary

  • Issue Status - Shows what stage the Issue is currently on: New, In Progress or Closed

  • Place - The location in your Org where it was originated

  • Issue Type - Allows to better understand what category/department this is affecting

  • Issue Flag - Indicates the priority of your Issue and can be changed if necessary

  • Dates - You can view when the Issue was first created, you can assign a deadline; and once the Issue is closed, see the closing date.

  • Reported by - Who created the Issue

  • Assignee - The person responsible for the next action. Can be assigned to a Team or a Position, as well as to an individual Staff member by clicking on the Reassign button.

At the bottom of the window (as seen on the Exporting Issues article) you have the options to:

  • Open Shareable Report - to export a live link where non-OpsBase can follow the evolution of an Issue

  • Generate PDF Report - to send a PDF copy of your report to an email address of your choice

On the bottom-right corner, you can mark the Issue as Complete and therefore close it; and record it as Started/Not started (depending on the Issue Status).


On the right-hand side of the screen, there is the Issue History/Comments section. View the Issue History article for more information.

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