On the Analytics page, you can quickly review the responses to a particular Op.

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To find the Op you are interested in viewing, use the Op selector, Filtering and Group By tools (review our Reporting Overview article).

How to access Single-Op Reporting

Once you have configured your reporting view, simply click on the title of the Op you wish to view the responses to.

If any Issues or Notes were generated during the completion of that Op, these will be visible on the Issues and Notes tabs. You can click the blue title to see the full details.

You have the option to share the Op's results/responses with others (including people outside of OpsBase), by using the buttons at the bottom of the Op Responses window.

  • The PDF report can be opened and downloaded to your computer to share via email, etc.

  • The Shareable report is a live web view (it will always show the latest responses each time the web page is refreshed). To share this report, simply copy the report URL from your web browser and send it to other interested persons.


Reports can be shared whilst the Op is still in progress, you do not need to wait for it to be completed before generating reports.

Scored Sections in Sigle-Ops

OpsBase recognises Scored Sections when reviewing Single-Ops on the Analytics page:

  • When reviewing one occurrence of an Op, the report will show each sections' score on the left side panel. These entries are interactive and will display the relevant section on the right-side panel when clicked on.

  • When comparing section' scores across multiple instances of the same Op:

    • Filter your Analytics by the Op of your choice

    • Notice the heat map (graph) that appears at the top

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