If you ever want to quickly review the responses to a completed Op, then you can access this by looking at Analytics, found in the left hand nav of the web app.

To find the Op you're interested in viewing, use the Search, Filter and Grouping options (we've written a full article on how to use the Analytics tools).

Once you've found the desired Op, simply click on the title of the Op you wish to view the responses to.

If any issues were raised or Notes were added during the course of that Op, these will be visible on the Issues and Notes tabs (circled). Click these to view all Issues or Notes and click the blue title to see full details.

If you'd like to share the results of / responses to an op with others (including people who do not use OpsBase, then you can use the buttons at the bottom of the Op Responses window.

The Shareable report is a 'live' web view (meaning it will always show the latest responses each time the web page is refreshed). To share this report, simply copy the report URL from your web browser and send to other interested persons.

The PDF report takes a few moments to generate, then it can be opened and downloaded to your computer to share via email, etc.

NOTE that you can share a report whilst the Op is still in progress you do not need to wait for it to be completed before generating reports. 

Sample report output...

We have a separate article on how to report/export data on multiple ops.

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