The release notes are a concise list of:

  • New features

  • Improvements and changes to existing features

  • Fixes to existing features

Full details of new and changed features can be found in the relevant Help Centre articles.

New releases ordinarily occur every fortnight, although essential 'hot fixes' may be applied more frequently. Many major new features and upgrades take more than two weeks to plan, develop and test prior to release so these are noted in our 'coming soon' section.

New Features:

Coming Soon...

We're currently working on a number of significant projects that will go live over the next 2-4 weeks (with further enhancements being made thereafter).

  • Reporting and dashboard analytics

  • Sophisticated issue management

  • Notes (useful for handovers between shifts)

  • Further performance improvements


  • iOS and Android native app performance

  • Loading progress bar when opening native apps

  • Improved refresh indicator to avoid the Op list 'jumping'

  • User interface improvements when Raising Issues

  • Better scroll management after answering Number questions

  • Better display of images when many are taken

  • View video guidance in full screen mode on iOS and Android

  • Improved design of the More Info display (including scroll)

  • Photos show in order on the manager's web app

  • Admin users can invite other Admin users

  • Can now click the 'i' to view additional info (as well as the text label)


  • App closing when Ratings question answered

  • Cursor position for Free Text questions on mobile

  • List question 'green flag' colour now consistent

  • Long question text is no longer truncated

  • Better saving of number values

  • More Info file downloads work on Android

  • Pasted List items work seamlessly

  • Add images to Info boxes

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