OpsBase has 3 user types:

  • Primary Admin
    Full access to everything (all features, Places, Sites, etc plus Organisation Settings and billing).

  • Place (Site) Admin
    Access to Logs (reports) for Ops and Issues. Plus access to manage Ops, Issues and Blasts. All access is limited to the Places/Sites that they are assigned.

  • Staff
    Native app access only (to the Places they are assigned).

User types in the Manage People section of the web app

Summary of the permission types (scroll down for more explanation)

Staff Permissions

Most users will have 'staff' permissions. This gives them the ability to performs Ops on the shared TeamBoard native app or on their own device by logging in with their email and/or phone number (which will have been entered by an Admin when creating their account). 

Users with Staff permissions can only access the native app to...

  • Perform Ops

  • Raise (and work on) Issues / Actions

  • Read Blasts (communications from management)

They cannot access the OpsBase web app, which is used for reporting and management.

Primary Admin vs Place Admin Permissions

Place Admin permissions give the user access to the OpsBase web app for management and administration of the system as well reporting. However, access will be limited to the Place(s) (Sites) that they are associated with. Most management users will have the standard Place Admin permissions.

Primary Admins have just these additional permissions:

  • Manage the Organisation settings

  • Lock mandated Ops to prevent editing (whilst still allowing other Ops to be created and updated at a regional/place level).

NOTE: All web admins can also log in to the native app with the same credentials for the purpose of performing Ops.

Upgrade Staff to Admins

  • Find the employee in question in the Staff list and open up their record

  • Click the invite button for the desired permission level

They'll receive an email and should follow the OpsBase Web App Sign-up process.

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