When creating a new Op you will have to decide who is going to carry it out. Before learning how to add both Teams and Positions to your Organisation, we need to define the two:

  • A Team is a group of Positions within your business that often work together. (i.e. Management, Health and Safety, Engineers, Cleaners, etc).

  • A Position is defined as a particular role within your business that a Staff member is assigned to. (i.e. Operations Manager, Health and Safety Auditor, Junior Engineer, Cleaner, etc).

How to create Teams

Navigate to Settings > Advanced > User Setup > Teams, and click on the + button on the bottom right of the screen to add a new Team to our Organisation. The next screen will prompt you to enter a name for your Team (you can enter as new many Teams as we wish in this window).

How to create Positions

Once the Team has been created, you can click on the Positions tab to start adding roles that will sit within the Teams in your Organisation.

Upon clicking on the + button, in the new window, you will be able to select a Team and enter the name(s) of the new Position(s).

With this configuration, when building your Ops you can assign them to a Team in general or to a specific Position within a given Team.


Ops assigned to Teams can be completed on both shared (TeamBoards) and individual devices (Users). On the contrary, Ops assigned to Positions can only be completed by Users.

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