Follow the steps detailed in the video below to add a new member of staff.

Upgrade Staff to Admins

Once you add your Staff to the list, and configure the Places and Positions they have permission and access to, you also have the option to upgrade them to a Place or Primary Admin:

  • Place Admin: Access to Logs (reports) for Ops and Issues. Plus access to manage Ops, Issues and Blasts. All access is limited to the Places/Sites that they are assigned.
  • Primary Admin: Full access to everything (all features, Places, Sites, etc plus Organisation Settings and billing).

They'll receive an email and should follow the OpsBase Web App Sign-up process.

How to invite your Staff to the Native App

Admins will receive an invite email to the OpsBase web app. However, when you add ordinary members of staff, no notification is sent to them.

You may wish to advise your staff about the new OpsBase system during a team meeting, however, if you would like them to *receive an email invitation too, you can send one directly from the Web App.

*If you would prefer your staff to only use Shared Devices, rather than their personal mobiles, it is recommended to not send them the Native App invite.

Alternatively, if you chose to send them a text message or email on your own, then the following wording is suggested... ✉️

"We're using OpsBase, a new system to help manage our tasks, compliance and staff communications. An account has been created for you. Please download the app for your mobile from here:



To watch a demo of how it is used, please visit:"

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