Form Flow (aka. Conditional Logic) enables you to ask different questions, or present particular information based on the response given to a previous question.

This logic will allow you to tailor your Ops for the multiple scenarios that can potentially branch depending on your Staff's responses.


Remember that you can use all the available Question Types in your Form Flows, enabling you to build endless combinations for your Ops.

Read our Op Question Types article to find out more.

The following example will help you understand how Form Flow logic can be used in your Ops. In the instance below we have introduced a set of questions originated from the query: Do you have pets?

Do you have pets? Yes

  • If the first answer is Yes, we will then ask What kind?

  • To this second inquiry, we will provide two possible options: Dog and Cat; and depending on the answer, the system will trigger a different assortment of questions

  • For the Dog answer we ask What is its name?, and then allow the completer to select from a list How often do they walk it? and even to add a picture of it

  • For the Cat response, we use again the What is its name? interrogation, but we then allow the user to enter text to answer What is its favourite food?, and to indicate with numbers How many cats do they have

Do you have pets? No

  • On the contrary, if the initial Do you have pets? question has a negative response, we will then ask Would you like to have one?

  • A positive answer will then enquire What kind?; whereas a negative answer would simply show an Information question to thank the user for participating

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