The repetition question allows you to ask the same question(s) multiple times, yet only having to add it once to your form.

You can decide whether it will repeat:

Limited repetition

This option allows you to set the number of times that you would like your staff to repeat a question or a set of questions. For example, temperature checks when your staff is receiving a delivery.

Unlimited repetitions

To better explain the usage of unlimited repetitions, we are going to use the example below. We have introduced a set of questions originated from the query: Do you have pets?:

  • After following the Form Flow rules seen in previous articles; as an answer to the question How many pets do you have?, we have introduced an Unlimited Repetition question

  • As we don't know prior how many pets does the user own, we would like the completer to answer the questions What kind of pet it is? and What is its name? as many times as pets they have

List repetition

This option will allow you to get your staff to complete a set of questions a number of times based on the items on a pre-setup list. For example, security checks in your vehicle's float, temperature checks for your fridges, screen checks at a cinema, etc...


Remember that you can use all possible combinations of Question Types in your Repetition Questions.

Read our Op Question Types article to find out more.

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