The OpsBase TeamBoard is used by staff throughout their day. If you don't already have the app, please see our guide to downloading and installing the TeamBoard.

When you open the app you'll be asked to log in...

There are two login options:

  1. Sign in with an email address or phone number; or

  2. Enter a 9 digit code TeamBoard code

Your choice will be dictated by whether the device is going to be used by multiple people or not.

Shared Devices (Tablets) - use 9 digit code

It is common for businesses to use a tablet device that any member of staff can pick up and use - hence the name TeamBoard.

If you're setting up a shared device, use the 9 digit code to log in.

The 9 digit code is generated by managers in the OpsBase web app.

Note that a business can have multiple TeamBoards that are configured differently for different sites and/or teams - so that only relevant information is displayed to staff members. See our TeamBoard Configuration Guide for more information.

Individual Devices (Mobiles) - use email or phone

If every member of staff is using their own device and they have their own OpsBase account, then they can log in with their email address or phone number. This will ensure they only see information that is relevant to them.

When you log in with your email address or phone number you'll be sent a 4 digit code to the email/phone number you entered. Take a note of this and enter it onto the login screen when prompted.

NOTE: Phone numbers must be entered using the country code e.g. +447...

The OpsBase web app administrators can create individual staff accounts. Note (as above) that phone numbers must be entered using the country code e.g. +447

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