The Places in your Organisation work like a hierarchy that reflects how your company is structured. This function is especially useful for large businesses with locations across multiple regions and/or countries.

To quickly start adding and editing the Places to your Org:

  • Navigate to Settings > Places

  • Start adding your first site by clicking on the New Place button on the left

  • Following the hierarchy logic mentioned before, the New Place buttons on the columns to the right let you add Places that sit within the greater place on the far left.

If your Organisation operates across various time zones, in the Details menu (pink bar on the right) you can specify which one each of your Places is on.

You also have the ability to create and assign Places Tags to your Places. Assigning this will later simplify how to review/assign Ops across your Org. This can also be set up in the Details menu.


Remember to click the Save button after you have finished setting up your Org's structure.

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