Before you start creating your Ops there are some quick steps you need to go through, below are some essential configuration settings you need for your Organisation:

Navigate to the Settings Tab and then click on Places to start typing in your first Place.

In the example below you can see a basic structure for a business compromising of two main Places and two internal locations in each one.

Navigate to the Settings Tab and then click on Advanced, then User Set Up and finally add at least a team and then a role by switching between the Teams and Positions Tab at the top.

  • Add Staff (and associate with Sites/Positions)

Navigate to the Settings Tab, click on Users and then Staff to invite your employees to the platform and allow them to start using OpsBase.

Once you have done all of the above you will then be able to create Ops and define where they should be carried out (which site) and who should carry them out (which roles/teams).

You may also like to learn how to navigate around the OpsBase web app.

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