Before you start creating your Ops, there are some quick steps you need to go through to correctly configure your Organisation:

Once you have done these, you will be able to create Ops and define where they should be carried out (which Place) and by whom (which Staff and/or Teams).


You can review our WebApp Navigation article for further information.

Add a Place

Navigate to the Settings > Places to start entering your first Place.

In the example below, you can see a basic structure for a business comprising of two main Places and two internal locations in each one.


For more information check our Add and Organise New Places article.

Add a Team and a Position

Navigate to Settings > Advanced > User Set Up, and add at least a Team and then a Role by switching between the Teams and Positions tabs at the top.


For more information check our Add and Teams and Positions article.

Add a Staff member (and assign a Place & Positions)

Navigate to Settings > Users > Staff to invite your employees to the platform and allow them to start using OpsBase.


For more information check our Add Users article.

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