The OpsBase Web App is mostly used by Managers and Administrators of the system, but can also be used by Staff to complete everything that is assigned to them if their work requires them to operate a computer.

The OpsBase WebApp is divided into 4 sections:

  1. To Do

  2. Operations

  3. Analytics

  4. Settings


Be aware that the Web App will differ slightly according to the User Type:

Primary Admins will be able to access all the different tabs, including Settings.

Place Admins will be able to access To Do, Operations and Analytics.

Staff Users will only be able to see their To-Do list.

To Do

After the initial configuration, To-Do will be the first area to check when logging into the platform. This page gives a summary of the things that have been addressed to the user and that will require attention in the near future.

At the top, this page is divided into Ops and Issues. By enabling/disabling the Only Yours feature at the top right of the screen, Primary Admins have the ability to overlook the whole Organisation, or just focus on what is assigned to them.


The Operations tab will show all Ops generated for your Organisation. Here you will be able to build them, manage their configuration and all the details associated with them.


The Analytics menu will give you access to your Dashboard, and where you can access the Reporting tool.

This page will give you an overview of how your Organisation is performing, as well as the most important KPIs related to your business compliance, at a glance.

The two tabs at the top of the Analytics menu, Ops and Issues, host all the data that is collected throughout the system. These pages will allow you to create particular reports for your company's needs.


In the Settings tab, you can manage all the internal configurations that apply to your Organisation:

  • Places hierarchy

  • Teams structure

  • Users information

  • TeamBoards setup

  • Etc.

User configuration

On the top right of the screen, next to your Organisation's name, you can find:

  • Profile - Here you can access your personal information and preferences for your notifications.

  • Alerts - Notifications for any Operations and Issues that your user has been notified of.

Comms widget

On the bottom left, the chat widget will primarily put you in touch directly with our Support team, but it will also allow you to:

  • Search into the OpsBase Helpfiles

  • Access Loom, a very handy screen-recording tool to quickly report to Support any incident that may be occurring at your Org

  • Consult the times of our Live Training courses

  • Review the most recent Release Notes for the current version of the software.


Further detailed information on how to use the OpsBase app is documented on our Support site. You may like to begin with our First Use Overview.

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