The OpsBase system comprises two components:

  1. The OpsBase Web App (for config and action)

  2. The OpsBase Native App (for action)

OpsBase Web App 💻

The OpsBase web app is used by managers and administrators to control all aspects of the system including:

  • Places (sites)

  • People (teams, positions, staff)

  • Issues

  • Operations (business processes)

  • Reporting

  • ...and more!

It is a web browser-based system design to be used on desktop and laptop computers.

Access the OpsBase web app by visiting (we recommend you bookmark or save this link).

The web app can also be used by all Users in order to carry out tasks (via Operations) and action Issues using the To Do area.

OpsBase Native App 📱

The OpsBase Native App is used by staff in the course of carrying out their duties and raising Issues. It is a mobile app that can be installed on shared tablets and individual mobile phones.

It works on Apple iOS and Android devices that use Google Play*. For full instructions and links to download, click the button below.

*Note: Click here to learn about the minimum hardware and software requirements needed to run OpsBase.

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